In this episode, Seth and Cal talk about the Biden Administration and how they think it has fared. After they talk about that,  they talk about the GOP and what direction they think the GOP will go. Finally, Seth defends the 1776 report from its critics. 



In our 59th episode, we had the pleasure of having Mr. Miller, Mr. Gurri, and Mr. Caruso on our podcast to discuss the state of journalism and how they see it. 



In today's episode, we have Richard Brookhiser on to discuss Washington's Farewell Address for President's Day. 



In this episode, Cal Davenport sits down with Hannah Cox to talk about the reasons why the Death Penalty should go away. 



In this episode, we talked to Jordan Alexander Hill about his excellent article about the New Right and what made him write about this intellectual group. 



In this episode, Seth and Cal sit down and talk to Justin Dyer, a scholar at the James Wilson Institute, about his awesome book, C.S Lewis on Politics and Natural Law





In this episode, Seth sat down and talked to Armond White about the state of film criticism and his new book, Make Spielberg Great Again. 



In this After Hours episode, Seth has a conversation with Ken Ruettgers about his NFL days and how he got to be a Sociology professor. 



January 1, 2021

Episode 53: 2020 in Review

In this episode, Seth and Cal talk to one another about the films they watched, what books they read, and what they hope to achieve on the podcast next year. 







A Thin Red Line 

The Gentlemen



The Press Gang by Armond White, Godfrey Cheshire and Matthew Zoller Seitz 

A Time to Build by Yuval Levin

C.S Lewis on Politics and the Natural Law by Justin Dyer and Micah Watson

Lost in Thought by Zena Hitz

Modern Philosophy: An Introduction & Survey by Roger Scruton



In this episode, Seth and Cal sat down with Yuval Levin, the Editor-in-Chief of National Affairs, to talk about his many books on Burke and on rebuilding our institutions. 



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